About Us

The Massachusetts Republican Party is a voice for common sense in the Commonwealth.  We champion job creation, entrepreneurship, and small businesses, demand individual freedom, defend family values, and limit government and taxation. All the while, we protect fundamental basics such as public safety and public education.  These are the values of Massachusetts and the values of our party. Defending and promoting these values will generate new members, new resources, and a new day for the MassGOP.
Economic Development

Massachusetts Republicans believe that economic growth benefits all people. We understand that economic growth will create new jobs and a healthy, self-sufficient community. By lightening the load on businesses from burdensome regulation and taxes, there is a better chance businesses will stay and expand in Massachusetts.

Government Reform

Massachusetts Republicans will continue to press for sensible reforms that hold government accountable and improves the quality of life for all citizens. We support a limited role for government in our society, and we believe that our state legislature has strayed from this mandate.

Fiscal Policy and Taxation

Massachusetts Republicans understand that in order for a government to run, it must collect money through taxes. We believe that our citizens have the right to demand that the funds be used properly and efficiently. Government should not take more than it needs. Republicans are working hard against a tax and spend legislature that knows no bounds. Government spending should only grow at a rate that is appropriate to keep it going as a small, efficient and effective body.

Public Safety

The Republican Party strongly stands for the protection of fellow citizens from crime and violence. We have consistently demonstrated our commitment to make certain that the rights of the people always stand above the rights of criminals while supporting the safety of those who are working to keep us safe.


Every citizen should have access to affordable healthcare without excessive government intrusion or control. Massachusetts Republicans support applying market-based solutions to achieve greater healthcare access, lower patient costs, and improve quality of care.


Massachusetts Republicans support efforts to make our state’s schools better by implementing education reform, insisting on accountability and higher standards from teachers and administrators and encouraging more parental involvement.

Anti-Poverty and Social Services

Massachusetts Republicans believe the best and most proven method of curtailing poverty is through a good education system, equal opportunity, personal achievement and economic growth. Republicans are dedicated to seeing that our fellow citizens lift themselves up and out of unfortunate circumstances to lead productive and independent lives.

Civil Rights and Individual Liberty

As Republicans, we enjoy the liberties guaranteed to us by the State and Federal Constitutions. Massachusetts Republicans believe that by promoting individual rights, we create a successful society. Individual freedoms are the building blocks of our community.

Family, Community and the Environment

Massachusetts Republicans know that there is nothing more important to the fabric of a society than family and community. We know we must do everything in our power to protect these institutions—strengthening families, supporting local governments, and promoting responsible environmental stewardship.





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